New Canvas Assignments for Students

Assignment Enhancements is an update to the Classic Assignment Details page that improves the assignment interface and submission workflow for students. 

View Assignment Details Using Assignment Enhancements

View Assignment Details Using Assignment Enhancements

The Assignment Enhancements page displays assignment information. 

The Assignment Summary header [1] displays the assignment title, due date, and points possible. Not all assignments may have a due date.

The Attempt drop-down [2] allows you to view submission attempts for the assignment. By default, the Attempt drop-down displays your most recent submission attempt.

The Progress Tracker[3] displays the assignment submission and grading status.

To view assignment feedback or add an assignment comment for your instructor, click the View Feedback button [4].

View the number of allowed attempts [5] and availability dates [6].

Any added assignment instructions display in the Details section [7].

If a rubric was added to the assignment, view it by clicking the View Rubric link [8].

View Graded Assignment Using Assignment Enhancements

View Graded Assignment Using Assignment Enhancements

The most recent submission displays [1].

When a submission has been graded, the grade displays [2] and the Progress Tracker displays the Review Feedback status [3].

If multiple submissions have been added, they can be previewed by selecting the attempt from the Attempt drop-down [4].

If a rubric was used to grade the assignment, the completed rubric displays [5]. If multiple graders scored your submission with a rubric, you can view how individual grader's completed the rubric using the Select Grader drop-down [6].

If permitted, students may resubmit another attempt using the Try Again button [7].

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