Tool Request Process

The following is a list of types of tools we can incorporate to William James' tool kit and how the process is completed from beginning to end. The process below is completed by Education Technology.

Adding Apps to Zoom

Whenever Ed Tech gets a request for Zoom Apps this is how the review process works:

  • Check to see if the app is created by Zoom. If it is, it is safe to approve.
  • If the app is not created by Zoom, check the "permissions":


  • Check the check developer's privacy policy (open example). 

If the permissions share concerning data, we cannot install it. Ed tech emails with questions.

Add an LTI to Canvas

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) are additions to Canvas, our Learning Management System where you courses live. We currently have many LTI's already integrated:

For any other LTI tools you wish you add to Canvas, you need to submit a request to IT Service Desk will have to do a data security review to make sure that the tool is not putting our student data at risk. Then, the Education Technology Department can connect with the vendor to obtain the proper information to install it in Canvas.

Adopt a New Software

If you want to adopt a whole new software, the process is more extensive. We begin by defining the request to see if we have an existing tool that can meet the need of the user. If we don't have a tool already available, we can look at the tools in the market.

To adopt a new tool, we would have to start with a pilot. If the pilot goes well and we have the budget, we adopt the tool. This can take anywhere from 6 months to a year. 

If the vendor offers support, the adoption is faster. If the Education Technology Department needs to curate training and documentation, the adoption process can take longer depending on how much training and documentation is needed.



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