Employee Laptop Lease Agreement

Laptop User Agreement

I am receiving a SCHOOL ISSUED COMPUTER under the conditions of my lease agreement and that this computer will be used for academic purposes from the William James College. I understand that during my lease I will not install any additional software unless it’s approved by the IT office. Nor will I use this laptop for any illegal activities or non-academic purposes including but not limited to:  

  • Software/music piracy 
  • copyright infringement 
  • Illegal file sharing / Torrents 
  • Visits to improper or inappropriate websites  
  • Commercial use and/or personal use. 

During my lease term, I will take physical care of the laptop to make sure it is in good working condition. I also understand that I am responsible for any physical damages to the laptop including if it is stolen or lost. The IT office reserves the right to hold my department or myself accountable for full reimbursement to replace the laptop or damage parts. 

I understand any data stored on the laptop will not be backed up by the IT Office, nor is it the IT Office responsibility for any data loss on the laptop. Due to this, I will not store any confidential, sensitive or personal information on the laptop. Nor will I allow unauthorized users to operate the laptop at any given time.  I am the sole authorized person to use this laptop, and will not transfer the ownership of this laptop to anyone else. 

I will return this laptop at the end of the lease term, on time and in good condition. 

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