Desktop Printer Policy

Desktop Printer Policy


All desktop printers are covered under our support contract with Boston Document Systems (our printer vendor) for toner refills, service, and replacement if necessary, which is covered under our agreement.    

Please note: there is a monthly fee for having a desktop printer on our contract and having an accurate count of what is currently on the contract is paramount. See section “Adding/Removing Printers” below. 

A printer will be considered covered if it meets the following criteria: 

  1. The printer has a BDS label with an ID number on it, and it is listed on the master fleet spreadsheet. 
  1. Labels can be obtained from BDS, although we typically have some on hand. 
  1. IF this is a newly added printer, BDS must be made aware of it and add it to our master fleet spreadsheet for tracking.  They should re-send an updated version to us each time a printer is added or removed for continuity.  


A desktop printer may be granted to a user if they meet the following criteria: 

  1. They are a full-time employee.
  2. Have an assigned desk space.
  3. The user has presented a relevant business use case.
  4. The request has been approved by the VP of Operations.


Exceptions to the above rules are as follows: 

  1. They have a reasonable accommodation, approved by HR, and in which the reasonable accommodation is defined as assigning them a desktop printer. 


Replacement desktop printers are covered under our contract with BDS. If a printer has continued issues we can request the machine be replaced with a like model with no cost to WJC.  This is covered under our contract with BDS.   

Toner Refills 

Any desktop printer that is on our contract with BDS comes with toner included.  The office manager is responsible for managing, tracking, and following up on these requests.   

Toner is sent to the college address with the assigned user in the attention field so facilities will bring the toner directly to that person.  It is for this reason that it is critical for our master fleet spreadsheet to be accurate and to notify BDS of any changes to that list, if it is not, the toner will not get sent to the correct person. 


Service calls are placed and followed up by the Office Manager.  The user should contact the office manager for these issues, and the office manager has the ability to assume full ownership of each issue reported, including follow up and/or escalation if necessary. 

The terms of the service contract can only be changed by the IT department.  


It falls within the scope of the office manager to follow up and track all service issues including but not limited to service, escalation, replacement, adding/removing printers which apply to office assignment or user changes, and keeping all documentation up to date.   


If a printer has continued issues it is the office manager's right to follow up with BDS and peruse a resolution, this includes replacing the machine (within reason). 

Adding/Removing new printers 

Our contract with BDS allows us to add desktop printers to our support contract, which would grant us support, toner, and replacement with no additional cost to the school. 

There is a monthly cost per printer to add it to our contract.  

  • B&W- $12/ month 
  • Color - $20/month 

All desktop printers in the environment should be accounted for and inventoried on our master fleet spreadsheet as well as with the print vendor for accurate forecasting, inventory, and reporting purposes.  

Any change of ownership or location in regards to desktop printers must be communicated to the print vendor so the toner deliveries are not interrupted or misplaced.   

If you have any further questions or concerns please reach out to us at

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