How to Connect a Laptop to the Classroom Screen

Each Classroom at William James College comes equipped with the ability to connect your laptop to the classroom AV. In order to do so, please follow these steps.

Using the cable on the teacher's desk:

  • Plug in your laptop using the correct adapter (HDMI, Mini Display etc.)  

Using the touch screen:

  1. Tap screen of touch panel located on the Teachers desk to display the controls.
  2. Select HDMI/Laptop. The laptop screen displays on the projector and computer monitor.

You can use the "Projector Mute" button if you wish to stop sharing your screen while you set up your presentation. Select "Projector Mute" again to display your screen again.

If the screen or projector remains black, please contact the IT Office (x1600) using the room phone or 617 338 6777 ext 1600 if using a mobile phone. One of our technicians will be happy to help fix the issue for you.

Done with class?

When you are done using the audio visual equipment, please make sure to use the power button on the touch panel to turn off the equipment.

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