Editing Videos in YuJa


Editing Videos in YuJa

Accessing the Editor

  • Log in to the Video Platform and select Manage Media.
  • Hover over the video you want to edit and select Edit.

The Editor 101

This is the Video  Editor. There is a save and discard button at the top center of the screen. Be sure to save your edits. Notice the different editing features. From the top down:

  • Viewing pane: watch your video back
  • Playback options and progress bar
  • Basic editing features and zoom in and out
  • Timeline:
    • Timestamps
    • Audio waveform
    • Video thumbnail(s)
    • Captions
  • The Playhead is the blue line that moves along the timeline as the video plays

The Video Editor displaying audio, visuals and captions tracks for a video.


More Editing Topics

Trimming or Making Cuts in Videos

  • To trim videos, drag the playhead or play the video until the place you want to start or stop the cut.
  • Click the button shaped like scissors
  • Drag to the left or right and click to select the cut section (the removed section will be gray)
  • You can play the video to see how it is with the selection cut out
  • To make the cut more precise, you can double click on the selection to type in specific timestamps.
  • You can move the selection by clicking and holding either end of the selection.

Watch a video of this process

Note: trim the ends off of a video (or audio) clip by clicking and hold to drag the video's end in the timeline (the darker gray bar) to be shorter. You're in the right place when you see an arrow symbol in both directions. Check both sides of the video to make sure you got the intended effect. You can undo this action by dragging it the other way.


If you do not click the dark gray bar at the end of the video or audio clip, you may click and drag the video clip itself and move it to another time in the video's duration. 

Insert Slide or Image mceclip3.png

  • With the button that looks like a presentation you can add slides, documents or images into your video.
  • When you click the button there will be a list of accepted file types.
  • After selecting a file, you will be given options for the duration.
  • The items will appear in blue at the top of the timeline. You can click the item to delete it or change the duration.

Add Text on Top of Video mceclip6.png

  • Click the button with two As to add text on a video. You can change the size and duration.
  • It will appear in orange at the top of the timeline. You can double click this to edit the text or click the x in the corner to delete it.

Advanced Editing Mode

Learn more about advanced editing mode in the article linked above.


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