Accessing YuJa

To get started, open YuJa either through OneLogin or in Canvas. If it is your first time using YuJa, seek access through OneLogin.

Access YuJa Through One Login

If you do not see YuJa in OneLogin, go to the second tab and click on the tab title to change the category to "Everything".

onelogin categories.PNG

Scroll down and find the Yuja application. 

yuja tile onelogin.PNG

You should find yourself in your media library. It says Media Library in the upper left corner. 


Access YuJa From Canvas LMS

In Canvas, you can access YuJa in a class through the course navigation menu or in the Canvas global navigation menu on the leftmost side of the screen. In the example image below the two buttons are highlighted.

yuja in menus on canvas.PNG

Here is a video of how to access YuJa from OneLogin or Canvas:


In conclusion, you can access YuJa either by searching for it on OneLogin, from the global navigation menu in Canvas, or within the menu of a specific Canvas course. 

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