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Have questions about Canvas? Check out the following resources to address all of your Canvas needs!

Canvas Guides

If you have questions about Canvas, the first place to look is the Canvas Guides. They are an amazing resource to discover answers to practically any Canvas-related question you may have.

To access the Canvas Guides through Canvas:

  • Log into Canvas through OneLogin
  • Go to Help in your Global Navigation Bar
  • Select "Search here first." 
  • A new tab will open and take you to the Guides where you write whatever you are looking for in the search bar. 

You can also access Canvas Guides by clicking this link:

This page includes a handy list of some of the most helpful Canvas Guide pages:

Canvas 101

For faculty, another helpful resource is the Canvas 101 course that you have all been enrolled in. After logging into Canvas through OneLogin, it can always be found on your Dashboard or you can access it here:

More Questions?

If you have tried all of the above suggestions and your question has still not been answered, you can contact Support at

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