TurnItIn, Plagiarism Review Tool

TurnItIn is an originality reporting tool that can be added to any Assignment you set up in Canvas. 

Papers submitted using TurnItIn will be checked against outside resources and receive a plagiarism score of 0-100%, with 100% meaning a total match with an outside source.

Note: Most departments require that all assignments include TurnItIn and are set up so that students can see their originality score immediately after they submit, and can resubmit their assignment as many times as necessary, before the paper due date. The instructions below reflect this new policy. If there are concerns about  resubmissions or students' access to the report, please adjust the settings accordingly.

Notes & Limitations

  • You cannot use Turnitin with group assignments.
  • Turnitin assignments cannot include more than one submission date; differentiated due dates are not supported.
  • Turnitin submissions require a minimum of 20 words, a maximum of 400 pages, and a file size maximum of 40 MB.
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