Turn Reading Activities into a Virtual Book Club with Perusall

What is Perusall?

Perusall is a social annotation tool that integrates with Canvas via LTI assignments to allow students and instructors to collaboratively markup PDF documents. It was created by Harvard University and it is available for free. 

Use Cases

• Encourages Peer learning and online conversations.
• Enables an instructor to break a long text into bite sized assignments.
• Students can rate responses, and they can help each other.
• Could be used in a section (virtual or in person) to encourage facilitated dialogue.

File types and assets supported

  • Text: PDF and textbooks purchased through Perusall
  • Image: none
  • Video: none

Notification and grading features

  • Notifications: Yes, w/in the tool and via email
  • Grading integration: Yes, with the Canvas Gradebook
  • Grading capabilities: Instructors can assign grades to student comments in Perusall, which will then automate to the Canvas Gradebook

Introduction to Perusall


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