Canvas Redesign Examples

The following are examples of how to change the way you share content in Canvas. We talk about how a course was initially setup and how it was redesigned.

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In this example, we share how the content was organized into content categories and how it was redesigned to appear chronologically. This creates transparency as to what the student needs to complete and when, it creates a linear experience so the student can use the previous and next buttons to navigate and it allows the faculty to complete the quality control process by making sure the due dates match the week in which they have to be completed.


In this example, we go from putting assignment resources on a module to putting them inside the assignment. This allows students to find all assignment-related resources in one place and successfully complete the assignment.


In this video, we start with videos that have been attached to Canvas and shared as files to sharing videos that have been uploaded onto VidGrid and embedded into a Canvas page. This improves the access and experience, and lessens the number of clicks to view a video. The video hosted on VidGrid will adjust to the user's internet bandwidth. 


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