Import Objects from Canvas Commons

Canvas Commons provides instructors at William James College access to valuable resources shared by members of our own community as well as other Canvas instructors. Two of the most common objects you may utilize from the Commons are Course Templates and the ARC Writing Rubric. 

To add the ARC Writing Rubric into your course, open that particular course..

On the Home page of the course, use the button that says "Import from Commons," located on the right side of the screen. 

The Canvas Commons page will load and you are able to search for the object you need. In this example, search for ARC Writing Rubric. You will see the WJC logo as the image on the object. Click on the title, ARC Writing Rubric.

Click the Import/Download button on the right side. 

Click the box on the left of the title of the class you want to add it to, then scroll down and hit Import into Course. 

Navigate back to your course. In this example, if you select the Rubrics tab, you will now see the ARC Writing Rubric. 

You can add the rubric to an assignment by: 

1. Create the assignment

2. Select + Rubric under the assignment

3. Use the Find a Rubric option

4. Select the course you are currently in on the left side

5. You'll see ARC Writing Rubric appear, click it

6. Scroll all the way down and click Use this Rubric

7. You are able to click the pencil icon to make any edits you need to the rubric

8. Don't forget to click Update Rubric at the bottom and save the assignment 

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