About Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

William James College is asking all users to help secure their accounts by enlisting in some form of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  MFA is now mandatory for all WJC accounts.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

You are likely already using MFA for some online services. Online banking is a good example of a place where you’ve likely encountered it. If, when you try to login to your account, your bank calls, emails, or texts a temporary personal identification number (PIN) a trusted account or device that must be used in addition to your password to gain account access, you’ve experienced MFA.

This is a method to help better secure WJC account access, including but not limited to email and Office 365 access. This additional security comes from having to approve the sign-in to your account using a mobile device. This way if a scammer has somehow managed to get your password, they will not be able to access your email, since they will not have your mobile device to approve the sign-in.

How does it work?

When a user is attempting to log in off-campus they will be prompted to confirm they are trying to sign in with an additional authentication method than their password. This is done by using one of the methods listed below. Once the user confirms the attempt, the user won't be prompted to sign-in again unless the user has turned off the browser or moved to a new location, and for no more than 24 hours.

For more information regarding our MFA policies and frequently asked questions, please visit the MFA FAQ page:  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

How to Enroll: 

  • When you log in to your account off-site, if you don't have a security factor registered yet, you will be prompted to begin setup. Click "Begin Setup"
  • Between now and December 1st, 2023, you may choose to skip MFA setup until a later date.  Please note, MFA will be strictly enforced after 12/01/2023, in which you will not be able to skip the process and will be required to have MFA set up before accessing.

Please note that the OneLogin Protect (recommended), Microsoft, and Google Authentication options require you to install an app onto your smart mobile device. If you don't feel comfortable installing any apps, the OneLogin SMS or OneLogin Voice are your next best options!

OneLogin Protect- Install App from App store - How-To Guide (Recommended as a default option)

OneLogin SMS- Code is texted to your mobile device - How-To Guide (Recommended as a backup option)

OneLogin Voice-Enter a code over a Phone Call- How-To-Guide (Recommended for Non-Smart Phone users)

Google or Microsoft Authentication- Install App from App store - How-To Guide

Once you finish the set up you will be prompted to use that authentication method going forward to access your account. You may set up more than one if you wish to have different options or serve as a backup option.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding MFA or need assistance getting it set up, please feel free to email us at Support@Williamjames.edu or call x1600 

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