How Do I Add an Enrollment in CNS?

1. Log into CampusNexus Student Web.

2. Click on the Students Pane

3. Search for the Student.

Click on the students name to go to the contact page.

4. Click on the 'Academic Records' drop down on the right.

5. Click on the 'Enrollments' pane.

This will show you a list of all the student's enrollments.

6. Click 'New'

If CNS asks if you want to use existing Applicant Data, select 'Use'

The first section will be auto-populated and cannot be changed. Click Next.

Fill out the information from the drop-down menu's.

Only Non-Matriculated and Grad Prep enrollments will have a 'Program Type' of Non-Degree. All other enrollments will be 'Degree'.

Student Status = Enrolled

Program, and Program Version are student dependent and should auto-fill from the existing Applicant Data.

Refer to this cheat sheet for determining the correct Catalog and Billing Method


Shift will be the department that the Program is under.

Grade Level will always be code 6 for Undergrad Students, and code 7 for all others.


Start Term is a required field for WJC. Even though it is not lsited as required by CNS, it is vital that we populate this field.

Select the Start Term. Even if a Start Term value is populated. Please clear the value and re-enter the correct Start Term.

Fill out the Required date fields. Click Next.

Click Enroll.

Students will become 'Matriculated' in their new enrollment 9 days after the start of their first term.

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