Personal Internet of Things (IoT) Devices on Campus WIFI

Per William James College security compliance, in order for any WIFI enabled devices to be able to connect to WJC Campus WIFI, the device must support WPA2-Enterprise, as well as 802.11 compatible wireless hardware that is WiFi Certified and WPA2-Enterprise Certified.  (Support WPA2 does not equal to support WPA2-Enterprise)

Below is a list of commonly used devices that do not support the required network security to be installed on WJC campus:

• Amazon Echo

• Amazon Echo Dot

• Amazon Echo Show

• Amazon Fire TV

• Amazon Fire TV Stick

• Amazon Kindle Fire series tablets (2nd gen and older)

• Apple TV (ANY Generation)

• Blu Wireless devices

• Google Chromecast

• Google Home

• HP Envy 4520 AIO printer

• Microsoft Xbox 360

• Microsoft Xbox 360 S

• Microsoft Xbox One

•Microsoft Xbox Series X

• Microsoft Xbox wireless networking adapter

• Netgear NeoTV

• Nintendo 3DS

• Nintendo DS

• Nintendo DSi

• Nintendo Switch

• Nintendo Wii

• Nintendo Wii U

• Nook v1.5

• Roku digital media players

• Televisions with the SmartTV® label 2

• Sony Blu-Ray Players with Wifi

• Sony Playstation 3

• Sony Playstation 4

 •Sony Playstation5

• Sony Playstation Vita

• Sony PSP

• TiVo Wireless Network Adapter

• Western Digital WDTV

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