Campus Nexus Faculty Portal Introduction FAQs and Instructions

Dear Colleagues, 

While we are working on a better and more detailed resource page for Campus Nexus related questions.  We have built this page for all the commonly asked questions we have so far collected.  If you do not find what you needed here, please contact to post your question.

This section only applies to questions regarding the faculty portal.  If you are an admin staff who has questions regarding Campus Nexus Web Admin Client, we are creating a separate section dedicated to FAQs for CNS Web Admin.  Thank you for your patience.

For Faculty:

For Advisors:

  • How to access student records as an academic adviser
  • How do I see what courses are being offered in the next semester and who is teaching the course?
    • Each department has published its own list of courses offered in various department shares or Teams site.
    • You can also access the full list in PDF format by log into the Faculty Portal > go to Campus Info > Course Schedule (see screenshot)mceclip1.png
  • In Student Search, how do determine in the search result, who is my student and who is my advisee?
    • Unfortunately, there is no easy way to determine right now.  We are working to find a temporary solution as well as a permanent solution to this issue.
  • How do I see student's concentration in Faculty Portal?
    • You can see the student's concentration from My Students > Student Information, under the Enrollment Details section, in the "Area of Study" heading. 
    • Right now the faculty portal doesn't have a way to produce a list of advisees with their concentrations.  We are working on alternative reporting solutions to provide this information to advisors.
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