Submitting a YuJa Video To a Canvas Assignment

You may create a video in YuJa (or Zoom but sent to YuJa via "Record to the Cloud") as part of an assignment. How might you share this assignment? You can download the video and upload it as a media submission in Canvas, but this is not the best way to submit YuJa videos. 


If you have the option to submit a link (Link Sharing)

Hover over the media you would like to share with other external users and select More... to open the Media Details panel.


Navigate to the Links tab.

Click the Copy to Clipboard icon for the Embed Code or the Direct Link.

Share the Embed Code or the Direct Link with any external user that you wish.


In Canvas, begin the assignment and select Web URL


You can now paste the link and submit the assignment with the Submit Assignment button.


If you have the option to type in Text (Embedding Videos)

Select Text as the submission option.


Here you will see the YuJa Media Chooser button in the menu. 

chooser button.PNG

If you don't see it, click the plug symbol. Then look for YuJa Media. When you click this it will launch the Media Chooser, which lets you add a video from your video library to the textbox. 


Click the video or audio file you want then Insert Content 


The video or audio recording will appear in the text box and you can submit your assignment. 


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