Sharing Folders in Yuja

Shared Folders provides the ability to create custom Team Folders to distribute and collaborate on content for smaller groups.

Create a Shared Folder

Select Shared Folders under Manage Media



Under the Shared Folders menu, select the New Folder button. Provide a custom name for the folder, and select Save



Once saved, single-click on the Team Folder to highlight it. Select the drop-down menu under More Actions and choose Share Folder.



Enter the names of the users who need access to the team folder. You can also grant the level of access each member needs: Full AccessEdit Access, and Read Only. then click save.


It will now look like this in Manage Media and you will also see the folder in the side menu. 


This option only allows the folder creator to add their own media to the folder. For those with access to the folder, only new content can be uploaded. Media is private to users' accounts and cannot be added to someone else's folder, even if that folder is a shared folder (within "shared with me").


If multiple users want a folder to share (publish) media from their personal accounts- a shared folder must be created in the SHARED menu. Contact EdTech at to get started. Read about Publishing to SHARED Menus here


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