Video Quizzes in YuJa (for instructors)

Creating a Video Quiz

Log in to the Video Platform and navigate to your My Media Collection by selecting Manage Media from the top of the screen. Locate the video you would like to make a video quiz for. Hover over the video, and then select More.

The My Media tab within the Video Platform shows a list of videos. A single video has a mouse cursor over it showing the More option button.


Select Quizzes from the left side menu of the Media Details panel to access the Video Quiz Management Tools menu.

The Media Details Quizzes tab features options to Create a video quiz or playback quiz.

From the Video Quiz Management Tool menu, select Create Video Quiz to create a new Video Quiz in the Video Quiz Editor.


Play the video and click Add Question from the bottom of the window to add a question at that point of the video. To learn more about Video Quiz Question Types, click here

Video Quiz editor window for True and False question types. The window features general settings including question type, time, and points. There is a field to enter your questions and possible answers underneath.


After you finish building your Video Quiz, you can choose to Preview it, Discard it, Save it as a draft or Post it to a Media Channel to share it with Students.

Editing a Quiz

  1. Navigate to the desired media in Manage Media, hover over the media's thumbnail, and select More.
  2. Click on the Quizzes tab, then choose either create a new quiz or edit an existing quiz.

Enabling personalize feedback on video quiz questions.

Read about setting up video quiz settings.

Creating a Playback Quiz

Credit Based on Percentage Watched Threshold

From the Video Quiz Management Tool menu, select Create Playback Quiz to create a new Playback Quiz

The Media Details Quizzes tab with Create Playback Quiz highlighted.

Highlight the first option that states Give full credit based on threshold and enter a number between 1 to 100 in the Percentage Watched text box. 

Create Playback Quiz window highlighting the option to give full credit based on percentage watched


Click Create to save the Playback Quiz. In the Video Quiz Management Tool menu, select Manage for the Playback Quiz that was just created to publish the Playback Quiz to selected courses. 

Media Details window with the Quizzes tab selected. From the Quizzes tab Manage is selected. The Manage Quiz window features open and close dates for quizes and which class the quiz has been posted to.

Credit Based on Percentage Watched 

Instructors also have the option to give credit to students based on the percentage of the video they watched. For example, if a student watched 75% of a video, they will receive a credit of 0.75. 

Create Playback Quiz window with Give credit based on percentage watched selected.

Using the Video Platform Grade Book

The Grade Book allows Instructors to review Student scores on Video Platform Video Quizzes. The Grade Book is automatically updated with all created Video Quizzes once they have closed. To open the Video Platform Grade Book, click the Main Menu icon on the top right corner of the page, select Usage & Analytics then Grade Book.

The Grade Book page from the Usuage & Analytics page. THere are options to select the quiz from drop-down menus, tabs to view Gradebook, Student Breakdown, and Question Breakdown for each quiz.


Select the Media Channel that the Video Quiz is published to, then select the Video Quiz before selecting Get Results.


To grade a Short Answer question, locate the student in the Grade Book. Navigate to the quiz question number corresponding to the Short Answer. Click the Short Answer response icon for a specific student to view their responsespecify if their response is Correct or Incorrect, then click Save to finalize their Video Quiz score. 


Sharing a Quiz

Add Quiz to Canvas

The Video Platform Grade Book will automatically sync Video Quiz grades with the Canvas grade book.

Navigate to Canvas and start to build an Assignment. Change the Submission Type to "External Tool". 



Click "Find" and select YuJa Media from the list.


The YuJa Media Chooser will launch. Go to the second tab that is called Quizzes to select the associated quiz.



Share direct link

Share a direct link to a quiz by clicking the "V" symbol at the bottom of the Quizzes tab of the More... menu. This will unfold an option to copy a direct link to the video quiz.



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