Changing Cache mode in Outlook

If you search your email frequently and would like to include older emails in your results, you can use these steps to adjust the Cache Mode: The amount of emails Outlook saves on your computer.  

Adjusting this setting will allow Outlook to download more of your emails so they can be searched faster.  

This does NOT remove any email from the server- all email is captured in the schools email archiving system, instructions on how to use the Archiver can be found here: Archiving Emails

We advise going through these steps at the end of the day or at the begining of a weekend as it may disrupt the responsivness of Outlook.  

In Outlook click on File

Go to Account Settings> Account settings

Double click on your email account

Adjust the Cache Mode to the timeframe you want and click Next

Increasing the amount of mail to keep offline will increase the storage space it takes up on your computer.  

Please note: It will take some time for your email to be cached/ downloaded on your machine.  During this time Outlook might be slow or sluggish. In typically in 48 Hrs all email will be cached and outlook should be functioning as normal.  

If you have any further questions or concerns please reach out to us at

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