How to Set up Hybrid Classroom

If you have a student who is going to be attending class from home, this is how you can set up the classroom to allow them to attend.

Set Up

To use the classroom camera, you must be logged into the classroom PC for your Zoom meeting

  • Tap screen of touch panel located on the Teacher's desk to display the controls
  • Select "Room PC." The projector displays the computer screen
  • Use the keyboard to log in with your WJC username and password
  • You can open Zoom from the desktop, or login to One Login to access your Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meeting

After opening your Zoom meeting, you will be presented with a preview of the classroom view. If your classroom has a TV in the back, you can easily separate your Zoom and PowerPoint windows by clicking and dragging the Zoom window.

If you need to share your screen with Zoom participants, you can do so from the Zoom Task bar. Remember to check the "share audio" option if you are showing a video.

Owl Camera Set Up

If you are in a classroom that uses an Owl Camera the set up is a little different.

  • Plug the Owl Camera into your Laptop 
  • Open the Zoom meeting from One Login or Zoom App
  • Once Zoom is open, make sure the Camera is set for Owl Camera

If you have any questions or run into any issues please feel free to reach out to use at x1600 or email us at 

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