Installing browser extensions for OneLogin

The browser extensions for OneLogin are very convenient and allow you to do several things.  

  • It allows you to access all the apps on the SSO page directly from the extension without keeping the SSO page open
  • It acts as bookmarks for all of our school apps, click on the extension in your toolbar (see below to enable this) and click on the app you want to launch.  You will be logged in automatically!

In order for the single sign on page (SSO) to work properly you need to install the browser extensions for the browser you are using.  School computers already have these installed.

  That can be done several ways:  

  1. Install the extension from your OneLogin profile page (easiest)
  2. Auto-Prompt:  Click on any of the system tiles on the SSO page and you will be prompted to install the browser extension if you do not already have it.  

If you are using Microsoft Edge as your browser you will only be able to install the extension using method 2: Install through auto-prompt

1. Install the extension from your profile page

Login at

  1. Hover over your name
  2. Click Profile
  1. Click on the install button for the browser you are currently using.  Your current browser will automatically show here.  
  2. To install extensions for other browsers, click the show other browsers button.
2. Install through Auto-Prompt

Open a browser of your choice and login at and click on the tile for Office 365.  Since you dont have the extension installed, you will be asked to do so.

Click on Download the Extension

You will be taken to the OneLogin download page where you can select the appropriate extension for your browser.  


Please note: if you use more than one browser you should take this chance to install that extension as well.  For example: if I use Chrome and Firefox, I would install both of those extensions.  

Microsoft Edge

Edge is a new browser from Microsoft in Windows 10.

Download the Extension for Microsoft Edge using the instructions in Section 2: Install through Auto-Prompt and select the Microsoft Edge Browser Extension.

This will take you to the Microsoft Store. Click Get, and the extension will install.  

Once downloaded, click Launch and select Turn it on


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