Everything about Print Quotas

Students have an Annual Print Quota of 100 printing credits which can be used for printing and copying.  There is no charge for scanning or Faxing.

You will need to Install the Papercut Client software on your personal computer in order to print.  

There are clients available for Mac and PC. .  The Directions can be found below.

Every student will have 100 credits for the school year which will be refilled yearly.  Any unused balance will roll over to the next year.

Below is a breakdown of how many pages the quota will allow you to print.  

Please note these are the maximum pages for each print type which means if you took 100 and only printed one of the below print jobs.

Type of Print Job Credit/ Page 100 Quota
Black and White .10 1000 Pages
Black and White Double sided .15 666 Pages (Double sided)
Color .30 333 Pages
Color Double sided .45 222 Pages (Double sided)

If you retrieve your print job at a color machine (regardless if it is black & white or color) be expect to be charged for a color print job.  

Your current quota can be determined in a few different ways.

  • You can check you quota on your Papercut Client.  The Current Quota is displayed there.
    • If you have a Mac launch the app from the Applications folder.
    • If you have a PC launch the app from either the start menu (search for pc client) or directly from All Programs.

Your Quota can be refilled by visiting the IT Office during normal business hours.

Please bring either a Credit Card or Debit Card.

Cash is not accepted at this time.

Yes, the minimum amount you can refill is $5.00 (5 credits)

Yes, if you do not use all of your print quota it will be rolled over for use next year or until you graduate.  

If you withdraw from a program you lose the remaining balance.  

Your quota will be reset every August.  The Date varies with the year depending on Orientation and the start of classes.  A notice will be sent out prior, but typically it is the Monday after Orientation ends.

At that time 100 credits will be added to your student print account in addition to the current balance.  See the section on quota rollover. 

Refunds can be requested directly from your Papercut Account.  

  • Log into your Papercut Account at msppprint.williamjames.edu
  • Select Recent Print Jobs
  • You will see a list of print jobs, a refund can be requested by clicking the Request Refund link to the right of each job.  

Refunds must be requested within 24 hours of printing.

Please allow 2 business days to process your Refund Request.  All refunds are subject to approval by the Help desk and are not automatic.

If you were not charged for a print job, it will be reflected in the status column

  • If you sent a job to the print queue and did NOT release it (scanning your card at the printer and selecting print), The job will be deleted in 2 Days and you will NOT be charged.
  • If you sent a job to the print queue and Release it (scanning your card at the printer and selecting print), and the job does NOT print, it is YOUR responsibility to notify Support@williamjames.edu immediately so proper steps can be taken.  
    • You can also Request a Refund for the print job by following the steps in the section of this document, Can I request a refund for a print job?

If you have any further questions or concerns please reach out to us at Support@williamjames.edu

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