Accessing One Drive

What is One Drive?

One Drive is a cloud storage platform that can be used to store your documents and files.  It is accessable from any computer or mobile device (with the app).  You can also share documents with others directly from your One Drive.  

It is also:

  • Backed up
  • Secure
  • Meets the colleges compliance standards
On the Web

To access your One Drive from the web, login at and select Office 365.

Select the App Grid (1) then the One Drive icon (2)

Your One Drive home page will display all your folders and files.  

You can create folders to stay organized (documents folder below) or you can save the files directly to the One Drive (presenation.pptx and Word Doc Test.docx)

This view allows you to see a lot of information at once.  You can see the file name, when and who it was last modified by, the file size and the sharing permissions.  

Click the "New" drop dowm menu to create folders or Office Documents

Desktop App

The desktop app One Drive will sync your files from the web to your computer locally.  This means there is a local copy of your files that live on your computer and is using your computer hard drive storage space.  

The App can be installed in 2 ways:

  1. If you have a school computer the app is already installed and can be found in the Start Menu under all programs.  
  2. One Drive is part of Office 365, and is automatically installed when you install Office.  Instructions can be found here:  Installing Office 365.  You can access it the same way in step 1.  


  • The Desktop App is useful if you have to copy a large amount of files from your computer to One Drive by allowing users to drag and drop files.  
  • A copy of the files are kept on your local computer so you can still access them without an internet connection.  
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